Big Walter

Geir Oien
Tue Jul 22 04:09:46 EDT 1997

> >'re better off listening to what the All-Music Guide says
> >of his (Big Walter's) music...
>   Gee, is this the same All-Music guide that describes Madonna as a
> wonderful vocalist and talented singer??

There is nothing about Madonna in the book "The All-Music Guide to *the
Blues*" which I quoted from. Apart from that, I checked Madonna's
AMG biography on the Web - as far as I could see it doesn't contain
your quote, at least not word-by-word. Also, it was not written by the
same person as the Big Walter review I quoted. Apart from that, the
name "*All-Music* Guide" would seem to imply that they are judging and
writing about... eh, *all* music. Which is fair and worthwhile: Even if
Madonna's music (and some of Clapton's music!) is irrelevant in a
*blues* context, that doesn't make it bad music as such. You may like or
hate it, but in the case of e.g. Madonna I would guess that for a
hardcore blues fan it is the general style of music she performs
that is hated, more than just the artist per se. Or do you have enough
knowledge of the dance-pop field to say that Madonna is a bad exponent
for it, compared to others?

I know there are people out there among you who like ABBA (I do, too),
Moody Blues (I don't), classical music, country and western ... why
should that disqualify you as accurate judges of *blues* artists? It is
your interest in and knowledge of *blues* which should decide how much
weight your opinion have in this forum - *not* which *other* musics or
artists you like or don't like.

Cheers, Geir.

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