Kansas City Blues and Jazz Festival

Ivan Pechanec IVANTHEN@aol.com
Mon Jul 21 17:20:39 EDT 1997

     In summary-I enjoyed this event.  All of my "Customer of the Blues"
complaints pale real quick when you think back to the music.  The music won
hands down.  Two and a half days of solid blues, plus a side of Jazz.  How
could you ask for anythng more!!
     Music highlights included RL Burnside(Oh well), Corey Stevens(solid
blues all the way), Jimmy Smith(disappointing) and Jay McShann(88years old
and still wailing).  The show stoppers was local talent.  Millage Gilbert
played some real down home KC blues and Linda Shell probably wins the blues
stage event of the weekend.  She got them up and swinging(which was hard to
do under the enviromental conditions).
     Other observations--the price of admission was super.  $7 and half bucks
a day was peanuts compared to what you were getting.  The food was
outstanding( a BBq truck that was an 18 wheeler converted over to a row of 6
ovens with individual smoke stacks), over 60 loos(a Rob Walker F-1 race
term), a rain tent for cooling down and decent parking if you got there
early.  Offsetting this was the lack of shade if you wanted to get up close
and personal with the performers and mixed sound systems.  On Saturday, the
Blues stage was just right and over at the Jazz, there were mushing up the
string bass's something awful.  On Sunday, the Blues was a lot of distortion
due to excessive levels(my "foam eye plugs" came in handy) and over on the
Jazz stage, they were still screwing up the string bass's.
    In summary, the performer awards go to Jay McShann and Linda Shell, the
BBQ award goes to Kansas City(the rest of you are pretenders) and a well done
to the Kansas City Blues Society.  What a gig.

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