song lengths

Billy Chambless billy@CAST.MSSTATE.EDU
Mon Jul 21 16:36:11 EDT 1997

Rob sez:

] I think a correlary to this discussion is a problem with the length of songs
] done live.  I've seen many a borderline bar band go down the tubes
] because they had solo-itis.  There shouldn't be a need for *every*  player
] to solo on *every* song.  It's even more annoying when they solo in the
] same order.  Here's your standard nightmare set:

] Pride 'n Joy
] Guitar, harp, guitar
] Red House
] Guitar, harp guitar

Hey, at leat you're talking about multiple solists!!

I've seen:

Red House
Guitar, Slide Guitar, Wah-wah guitar (all the same guy)

Stormy Monday:
FirstGuitarPlayer, OtherGuitarPlayer, FirstGuitarPlayer

Dust my Broom
FirstGuitarPlayer, SecondGuitarPlayerDoingWhatTheFirstOneDid, First...
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