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>From: Ed Vadas <>
>Subject:      Re: song lengths, was:Re: Blues Contests
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>In a message dated 97-07-19 06:22:30 EDT, (Tom
><<    If you are playing all night in a club there is nothing wrong
> with extending the solos and making the songs longer. >>
>The ONLY good reason for making songs longer is if you have something
left to
>Many bands just wank along thinking they are saying something, when
they are
>most often just killing time....
>Ed Vadas

I agree that a lot of bands are just off in their own little world when
they're playing, when they should be concentrating on the audience.  By
all means if the audience looks like they're getting bored or restless
you should end as soon as possible.  On the other hand, if the audience
is really into it, say it again!

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