Cool Blues DoubleHeaders

RealMoody bluesngr@IX.NETCOM.COM
Mon Jul 21 12:33:58 EDT 1997

  Greetings!  This week those in the CT NY area can catch some cool
doublebill shows with GARRY & THE MOODSWINGERS.

 Fri July 25 the double bill is at Newport Blues in Avon CT with the
 Radio is 9pm

  Sat July 26 the Moodswingers are on the bill with Delbert McClinton
    at  Thunder Ridge in Paterson NY call 1-800-4PROTIX

  Sunday July 27 moods will be swinging  on the green for free
       in Madison CT at 6pm

 Come on down! Thanks....

 Garry, & his merry band of MOODSWINGERS



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