DJ Errors (was song length)

Mon Jul 21 11:55:10 EDT 1997

>>Moose wrote:
>>>I can remember years ago listening to a show on a local station,where the
>>>DJ played "Hey Jude" the long version. It was late at night and the DJ must
>>>have been working solo,and perhaps took a washroom break because about a
>>>minute into the song it started to skip, and stayed that way for about 6

Ian wrote:

>Once I was alone at the station, on air, when the fire
>alarm went off. I calmly announced to the listeners
>that I had to leave for a while, put on an anthology
>CD (60 minutes by different artists) hit "repeat"
>and left.
>It was a false alarm, but I had to wait outside while
>the firemen checked. When I was allowed back in 35
>minutes later, I realized that I had set "track repeat"
>rather than "CD repeat," so the same 3-minute song was
>then playing for the twelfth time.

The station which I work for, WUMS, is a fairly tightly run ship, for a
college station, but it has its moments.  The station is on automation for
semester breaks and University holidays.  The machine which is responsible
for the music at that times, paradoxically, appears to predate electricity.
It plays carts, which are very wont to drag.  Once over Xmas break, the
station played several days at one-quarter or so speed before anyone with a
key got back into town.

Also, on another occasion, the machine got stuck and played the same song
over and over for two days.  But, at least it was at regular speed.  As
awful as these incidents were, both times it became uproariously funny to
tune again and again in and hear them in action and chart the length of time
that they went on for.

Happily, finally the cart machine just gave out totally and was replaced by
a 50 disc changer which is loaded with compliations during break times.

*Ahem* wums 92.1 FM

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