DJ Errors (was song length)

Ian Angus ianangus@ISTAR.CA
Mon Jul 21 11:02:11 EDT 1997

>Moose wrote:
>>I can remember years ago listening to a show on a local station,where the
>>DJ played "Hey Jude" the long version. It was late at night and the DJ must
>>have been working solo,and perhaps took a washroom break because about a
>>minute into the song it started to skip, and stayed that way for about 6

Once I was alone at the station, on air, when the fire
alarm went off. I calmly announced to the listeners
that I had to leave for a while, put on an anthology
CD (60 minutes by different artists) hit "repeat"
and left.

It was a false alarm, but I had to wait outside while
the firemen checked. When I was allowed back in 35
minutes later, I realized that I had set "track repeat"
rather than "CD repeat," so the same 3-minute song was
then playing for the twelfth time.

Ian Angus
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