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Ruth Vadi ruth_vadi@HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Jul 21 10:20:02 EDT 1997

>Max pics and sound clips! <G>

How did you guess?  Seriously, while I'm at it, I WOULD like to put ONE
picture of myself on the WWW WITH my guitar for a change.
I wanted to put the only existing videotape of Max and me playing
together (at the Full Moon Saloon in Baltimore), but it got stolen :(
>Well, adding photos/videos/sounds into web pages is easy. The hard
>part is CREATING the photo/video/audio file.

Actually I found it pretty easy to work with that stuff in Authorware so
I think I can insert them into my web pages okay.  My problem is getting
the stuff digitized in the first place.
>If you don't own a scanner, make friends with some who does.  Paying
>by the scan (at Kinko's or the like) can get expensive. You'll
>probably want to edit the photos a bit (fixing over/under exposure,
>color casts, cropping, etc). Me, I use Photoshop to do this @ work,
>but you can download Paint Shop Pro from the 'Net, which is a hell of
>a good program (http://www.jasc.com).
>If you buy a scanner, expect to put out $300+ (US).  HP ScanJets are
>good (the 4c is very good, but expensive). Musteks are supposed to be
>good, as are UMax.
I don't even have a computer yet.  I must be the only person on the
entire planet with a degree in computer science and no computer.
Once I start school I will HAVE to get one as I won't be working for
awhile.  But getting the scans done at Kinko's sounds like a good

>MIDI files are prevalent (altho you can't get vocals that way AFAIK).
>I'm told, tho, that to get a good MIDI encoder, you have to buy one;
>the shareware versions are (usually) limited in nature.
Yes, but they're pretty inexpensive now.

>You'll get better sound quality with an MPEG Audio file, but that
>requires a special plug-in to play ('course, you could always provide
>a link to a site that has an MPEG player).  Streaming audio is nice,
>but if you're looking for quality (albeit a longer download), go with
>MPEG if you can, for which you'll need an MPEG encoder program.
>There's always the WAV format.
The nice thing about WAV format is that it doesn't require a special
plug-in.  Almost everyone can listen to a WAV file.

>If you use Authorware, you probably already know more than I do
>about the relative merits of the different video formats.  QuickTime
>is good.
Yes, I've used QuickTime for inserting video files into computer demos
and it's a nice application.

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