slide technique (nothin is proper)

Ruth Vadi ruth_vadi@HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Jul 21 09:52:13 EDT 1997

>Date:         Fri, 18 Jul 1997 20:29:09 -0400
>From: Ed Vadas <>
>Subject:      Re: slide technique (nothin is proper)
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>If you play slide you can play it with anyrhing... I have at times used
>balloons, cooked hot dogs, juke-boxs, tables, chair legs, mich stands
and a
>even a roll of toilet paper (sounded crappier than the others).
>Ed Vadas
I like to use a small pocket knife sometimes to get that old-timey
sound.  Also long-necked beer bottles work pretty well.  I grab it by
the neck like I'm gonna smash it over someone's head and then play slide
with the bottle part.  I tried putting it on my finger but it wobbled
too much.  Also a heavy lipstick tube works pretty well in a pinch (held
between the fingers like a knife).

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