Blues or Rock - Rules

Geir Oien
Mon Jul 21 09:33:49 EDT 1997

> > No one would argue that John Lee Hooker is blues, and he is the
> > biggest mangler of the "cast in concrete 12 bar blues" that ever
> > walked the planet.  Apologies to James Brown, but the IronMaiden
> > calls him "The funkiest man on Earth".

I think it actually was Miles Davis who said that first, after working
with Hooker (and legendary New Orleans drummer Earl Palmer) on the "The
Hot Spot" (a Dennis Hopper movie) soundtrack. The quote I heard was
Miles saying to Hooker:

"John Lee, you the funkiest man on Earth. You sound like you buried
up to your neck in mud!"

... and so say all of us... :-)

"There's nothing to it, it's just a big beat...
And I sound just like a whole band...
Now you dig it, and dig my feets...

... Them fancy chords don't mean nothin'
if you ain't got that beat -
Throw them fancy chords away..."

         - John Lee Hooker, 'Teachin' the blues', 1961 -

Cheers, Geir.

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