t-shirts and stuff

Mon Jul 21 05:40:37 EDT 1997

OK, just so I don't forget anyone's t-shirt. 
If your name is below and you are coming to 
the poconos, let me know so I can bring your t-shirt with me.

Lea GIlmore, Gloria Perce, Liz Sykes, Leo Aspiras, Ron Kraemer, Dick
Waterman, Bob Unger 

(Need to know if you'll be there)
Dom Forcella, Leornard Watkins, Pal Benjamin, Bill Alexander, Mark
Alan Rollins, Gary Constantine, Gary D. Hudak, Laurie L. Morris, John
Bonnie A. Wolfe, Carol L. Mclarty, Mike Meade, MOOSE, Dr. GitsDown

On a diffrent note. This area has been in a heatwave for about a week.
On the news this morn, the weather looks like its a changing. We're
going to catch 
the remnants of tropical storm Danny. We're suppose to have rain from
tonight thru
Thursday. We could really use the rain, but I hope it doesn't washout
the weekend.

Brian Mclean 
                                “life's too short to live the blues”

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