Reuters: Luther Allison

Geir Oien
Mon Jul 21 04:35:37 EDT 1997

> Art, I'm really devistated by Mr. Allison's complications.  I only met
> him once, but was floored by his sincerity and that of his wife Rocky.
> I saw him before his big rediscovery, he played 3+ hours for about
> 45-50 patrons...what a pro.  My guess (unless it was a festival
> setting) is if he only played 1 1/2 hours, he was definitely having
> some problems. I've never heard of Mr. Allison playing less than about
> 2 1/2 - 3 hours in a club setting.

At The Notodden festival in Norway last August, he first played a
great two-hour set between 7 and 9 pm, in the town's theatre. Then,
that same evening at 11 pm, he came back for an outdoor show and totally
devastated us all. He played for almost three hours - then the local
police cut the power on him due to neighborhood regulations. Were it
not for that he would have played an hour or two more, I'm pretty
sure. I've seldom or never seen such energy and enthusiasm and fire,
such pure joy to communicate with an audience. That beautiful grin
is forever imprinted in my memory.

This is a great tragedy for him, his family and for the blues world
which he graces with such outstanding artistry. We can just hope, hope,


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