Blues or Rock - Rules

Poul K. Faarup
Mon Jul 21 03:52:38 EDT 1997


Your mail was just what I wanted to promote: a discussion of the
"rules" or characteristics of blues. And I really didn't know much
but just wrote what I intuitively thought was the marks of the blues.
And allready I've learned something about the 12 bar / I-IV-V

More comments, please

Grey cat

> Precisely.
> The "12 bar/I-IV-V" thing is not a law, or even a general rule.  It's
> simply the most popular form for blues, just one of MANY.  No one would
> argue that John Lee Hooker is blues, and he is the biggest mangler of the
> "cast in concrete 12 bar blues" that ever walked the planet.  Apologies
> to James Brown, but the IronMaiden calls him "The funkiest man on Earth".
> Just like saying that all blues must have guitar in some form.  As a
> guitarist, I'm flattered, but it simply ain't the truth.  There's a LOT
> of great blues sans guitar, such as Camille Howard, Ann Rabson, Wynonie
> Harris, or even Tak Mahal on some of his piano tunes.  Jimmy Smith plays
> some incredibly bluesy Hammond B-3.  His (guitarless) blues solo on Walk
> On The Wild Side is a classic.  And how about some of our IMHO greatest
> blues featuring solo harp, harp/vocal, or even a capella.
> One reason applying rules to blues is so easily debatable is that blues
> is a music that tends to ignore rules.  Rules are logical.  Blues tends
> markedly toward the emotional.
>  -- IronMan Mike Curtis
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Poul K. Faarup

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