Big Walter

bonnie kalmbach bjkalmba@FACSTAFF.WISC.EDU
Mon Jul 21 02:07:30 EDT 1997

Big Walter is my favorite harp player, although Little
Walter was undoubtedly a genius. Billy Branch once
said to me - Big Walter has *the* tone, Little Walter
the technique. Walter Horton was the most soulful
harp player ever, IMO, and I would certainly include
that talent under "facility".

This line of thinking seems like the argument
that the guitarist who can play a jillion notes per
minute is the better one.

At 09:28 PM 7/20/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Gregory A. Conn wrote:
>>  You gotta be kidding.  As Eric Clapton said in his "Nothin' But The
>> Blues" special, Big Walter was not a good harp player at all. In fact
>> Eric said that listening to Big Walter showed him that one did not need
>> a lot of technical ability or facility to "make it."
>>   Walter put his heart and soul into his playing but I agree with
>> Clapton, he was definately lacking in facility.
>Wow, how can you argue with this opinion and the opinion of Eric

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