song lengths, was:Re: Blues Contests

Wild Bill wildbill@IBM.NET
Mon Jul 21 00:54:39 EDT 1997

Blues, rock, country, pop and many other kinds of songs are best
to be kept to only three or four minutes because there is usually
only one main lyrical hook, one main musical riff - one main idea,
and then maybe a bridge for emphasis on perspective.  If the song
is more than this amount of time the artist is not succinct
enough with his/her musical/poetic ideas and we'll lose interest
(unless the artist, as Don points out, is telling an unusually
great story). The instrumental solos are to help round out the
song and not be the focus of it, so they shouldn't be adding very
much time to it - especially on records, or CDs as we now call 'em.

If songs are longer than three or four minutes, like classical
music, then they have (or BETTER have) different "movements" or
themes.  Speaking of "movement," next subject, please!  :=)


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