song lengths, was:Re: Blues Contests

David Silberberg davidis@INTERACCESS.COM
Sun Jul 20 17:40:09 EDT 1997

At 2:07 AM -0600 7/20/97, Don O. wrote:
>I don't want to drag this thread out forever.  There doesn't seem to be a
>whole bunch of public interest in this subject (maybe because it's the
>weekend and everyone is offline).  I suspect PW and I will end up agreeing
>to disagree on this subject.  After his public reply to this post we may
>want to take this discussion private.

Well, as a non-performer, non-DJ, non professional blues fan(atic), I have
enjoyed this thread - very interesting and informative.

If you guys have anything further to say, I think you should keep it ON the

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