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Ed Vadas
Sat Jul 19 13:56:53 EDT 1997

In a message dated 97-07-19 04:13:12 EDT, (Don O.)

<<<< It seems that the average song length has crept up to about 5 minutes.
 There are very few songs being written today that hold up to run times of 8
minutes plus.  Either they are filled with too much instrumental noodling or
they are padded with "oh baby's", listing towns, other blues artists, etc.

I just had a post production project where I was presented with a stereo mix
master of a potential CD  All of the 10 tunes were  7.5 to 11 minutes
long.... filled with useless uninspired solos, verses from other tunes, and
downright medley like arrangements....   I made sixty cross fade cuts and
turned it into a 52 minute CD...
The band thought they sounded great and didn't realize the number of cuts
till one of them listened to the original tape with the CD.....  Thing
is....most folks who record and "produce" their own album just can't< for a
variety of reasons, separate the wheat from the chafe(SP)!

Ed V

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