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Harry Mc Gonigal blueta2@ENTER.NET
Sat Jul 19 13:00:53 EDT 1997

> >>  My other question is:  If Willie Dixon (and many others) made a
> >> career writing great 3 to 4 minute songs, why do artists today feel they
> >> need to write 5 to 6 minute songs?
> I think the answer is "because they can." The 3-minute limit
> on songs was imposed by technology -- the capacity of a 78
> rpm (later 45 rpm) record.

Another possibility is that many bands stretch the songs out when
performed live, due to the adlibing of solos.  Some band are striving to
capture the spirit of the live performance on CD nowadays and this might
attribute the longer cuts. RVH

PS: Many times doing sessions I've heard the artist say to me that he is
looking for a live feel here.
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