Slide Nazis

Sam & Barbara Hurrie helhound@PRCN.ORG
Sat Jul 19 12:36:51 EDT 1997

Leonard W. wrote:

> Can't believe someone would tell someone they are wrong or not proper for
> wearing a slide on a finger other than the pinky. I wear mine on my pinky
> It's a matter of choice. Kind of suprising that someone would think there is
> some kind of proper way."

I didn't see where this discussion started but I would also say there is
no proper or improper way. I wear mine on my pinky because it frees up
my other fingers for fretting. I find it hard to damp with the slide on
my pinky, so I don't always do it. You get a more precise technique wear
ing the slide on the 3rd finger but I personally find it limiting as I
don't like to just play slide in a tune. All up to the individual.

BTW Ruth: If you have a small baby finger try other material for slides.
Various gauges of glass or brass tubing, cosmetics tubes, find bottles
with narrow necks, etc. If you're playing slide exclusively in a tune,
just fret the neck with a beer bottle. Molson's Canadian works
especially well :-)


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