song lengths, was:Re: Blues Contests

Sat Jul 19 06:15:05 EDT 1997

In another time and place, Don O. said:

> I'm curious, among the many blues DJs here on blues-l, how likely are you to
> give airplay to an 8 minute song versus a 4 minute song?

Don, I agree, I am much more likely to give a song that is 4 minutes long
airplay on my show. From doing my show for so many years, I have a good idea
how many songs I'll play in a two hour show and sometimes feel cheated when I
am playing new material which inevitably is longer than the older stuff I
normally  play. I try and pick the shorter cuts as it allows me to showcase
more artists and material but that can be hard with some CDs. As you said there
are very few songs of 8-10 minutes in length that wouldn't  be more enjoyable
if they were half the length.

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