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Morgan Morgan mmorgan@ALASKA.NET
Sat Jul 19 04:40:32 EDT 1997

Greetings Blues lovers,

        Back from the land down under. Had a great time. I couldn't find much
going on in Sydney blues wise, but Brisbane is cooking. Tuesday night I
lucked into a jam at a place called the Bombshelter. It's connected to
the Story Bridge Hotel and hosted by a band they call the Locals.  The
bass player is a guy by the name of Billy Williams and is the bass
player for the Hipshooters. Managed to get in 5 or 6 songs and I guess I
didn't shame America. Shaun Birdley was doing vocal for the group and
also does a 5 hour blues radio show on Monday nights 7-12 on 4AAA. They
said the jam has being going on there for a year and a half and is THE
jam to go to in Brisbane. So, if you're ever there drop by Tuesday
nights and play with the Locals.
        There were some great musicians there. Also the guy running the sound,
Grant Brown is one hell of an artist and several of his portraits were
hanging in the bar. Damn good work! Good prices on the drinks and
everyone was real friendly. There was a young guy there named Mojo Webb
that you have to check out if you get there. This guy was great! He's
the guitarist for a band called Buzz N' the Blues Band. A wonderful
female singer named Jo Grant sang some great stuff as well as her new
tune "Morning sickness blues".
        So, if you make it to Brisbane drop by and say hello. Also check out
98.9 Fm 4AAA "Blues with a Feeling" hosted by Shaun Birdley. I also
managed to dodge all those crazy kangaroos hanging out by the side of
the road. I won't even go into driving on the other side of the road in
Sydney. You just have to try it!

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