slide technique (nothin is proper)

Harry Mc Gonigal blueta2@ENTER.NET
Fri Jul 18 23:40:46 EDT 1997

> If you play slide you can play it with anyrhing... I have at times used
> candles,
> balloons, cooked hot dogs, juke-boxs, tables, chair legs, mich stands and a
> even a roll of toilet paper (sounded crappier than the others).
> Ed Vadas
My Two Cents:
   I had my first slide lesson from Duane Allman years ago in the
dressing room at Bucks County Community College, Newtown, Pa.  I'll let
you guys argue if it was a blues slide lesson or a rock slide lesson.
Ha! But anyway he gave me a Coriciden bottle to use. It was a nice
length to cover the strings and the thick glass had a nice sound. I like
to fret with my pinky so I use the slide on my ring finger.  Coriciden
later began using a bottle with a lip on it for the cap and these are
worthless for slide.  Now somebody is marketing the original bottle.  In
the meantime I've found a thick glass slide that works nice.  Fits the
finger snugly.  Big tone.  George Thorogood uses copper that he cuts
from tubing.  Has a different tone.  Anybody want to post their favorite
tunings?  I'm partial to E or G or drop D.
  As for Bonnie.  I hung out with her in the late 70's at a show and she
was telling me about the necks of bottles.  She said she looked for the
certain shape that she liked.  You can wind wire around the bottle where
ya want it to break and heat it.(be carefull)  then dunk it in cold
water and it cracks.  Use some fine sandpaper(600) and get the edges off
and wa-lah, a bottleneck.
seeya, RFH.
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