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> For those of you bluesellers who have your own web pages, anyone
> have recommendations for/against software for adding
> video/photographs/audio? I've used WaveStudio in Authorware
> applications but haven't tried importing audio into web page files.

Max pics and sound clips! <G>


Well, adding photos/videos/sounds into web pages is easy. The hard
part is CREATING the photo/video/audio file.

The details on HOW you insert them into a web page depends on which
HTML authoring program you use. Me, I use MS FrontPage (for Win95).
I used to use HotDog, but I didn't like the 32 bit version.

For photos, use the JPEG format.  A tip - make a page with small
versions of the photos (150x150 or so), and only provide a link to a
larger, better resolution pic.  Your page will load faster.

See http://www.pil.net/~turgon for an example. (soon to have Guitar
Shorty pics!)

If you don't own a scanner, make friends with some who does.  Paying
by the scan (at Kinko's or the like) can get expensive. You'll
probably want to edit the photos a bit (fixing over/under exposure,
color casts, cropping, etc). Me, I use Photoshop to do this @ work,
but you can download Paint Shop Pro from the 'Net, which is a hell of
a good program (http://www.jasc.com).

If you buy a scanner, expect to put out $300+ (US).  HP ScanJets are
good (the 4c is very good, but expensive). Musteks are supposed to be
good, as are UMax.

For tunes and such, I'd (again) make links to the sound file.
Background music is nice, but can make page loading time increase.
MIDI files are prevalent (altho you can't get vocals that way AFAIK).
I'm told, tho, that to get a good MIDI encoder, you have to buy one;
the shareware versions are (usually) limited in nature.

You'll get better sound quality with an MPEG Audio file, but that
requires a special plug-in to play ('course, you could always provide
a link to a site that has an MPEG player).  Streaming audio is nice,
but if you're looking for quality (albeit a longer download), go with
MPEG if you can, for which you'll need an MPEG encoder program.

There's always the WAV format.

If you use Authorware, you probably already know more than I do
about the relative merits of the different video formats.  QuickTime
is good.



Feel free to email me privately for more info, if you like.

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