PLAYLIST: "Tren Tres" July 19th

Jorge Munoz
Fri Jul 18 17:46:22 EDT 1997

*** TREN TRES ******************** JUNE ***************** Saturday 19 ***

 No Time To Waste                   KENNY BLUE RAY                     Jsp
 I Can't Take It                    KENNY BLUE RAY                     Jsp
 Can't Do This To Me                KENNY BLUE RAY                     Jsp
 I Ain't Doing Nothing Wrong        JIMMY MORELLO                      Jsp
 Look At Me, Loot At You            PAT BOYACK & THE PROWLERS     Bullseye
 Locksmith Man                      LONG JOHN HUNTER             Alligator
 Keep On Loving Me Baby             KIM LEMBO & BLUE HEAT        Blue Wave
 Tough And Tender                   ROD PIAZZA & MIGHTY FLYERS   Tone-Cool
 I Liked That Thing You Did         RONNIE EARL & BROADCASTERS       Verve
 The Train                          JUNIOR WELLS                    Telarc
 Hoodoo Man                         JUNIOR WELLS                    Telarc
 I Found Out                        LITTLE MIKE & THE TORNADOES    Ichiban
 Try'na Make It                     LITTLE MIKE & THE TORNADOES    Ichiban
 Hit It'n Quit It                   CURTIS SALGADO & TERRY ROBB      Lucky
 Feeling Good                       CURTIS SALGADO & TERRY ROBB      Lucky
 Mean Case Of The Blues             EDDIE CLEARWATER              Bullseye
 Drawers                            JIMMY KING                    Bullseye
 Don't Want To Tangle With Me       SMOKEY WILSON                 Bullseye
 Your Last Chance                   U.P.WILSON                         Jsp
 In The Country                     LONG JOHN HUNTER             Alligator
 Marguerita                         GARY REX TANNER            Little Frog
 Evening Train                      KIM SIMMONDS                 Blue Wave

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