The Helena AR Government Blues Again....BS as usual

Jerry Pillow jpillow@RIDGENET.COM
Fri Jul 18 16:51:26 EDT 1997

 > Subject:       The Helena AR Government Blues Again

> Sometimes, The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction
> Flash: Our Government In Action
> According to a local Helena businessman, the bridge between Helena
> Arkansas and Mississippi has been damaged by a crane which rammed
> and will not be open for six weeks. Approximately 500, mostly poor
> black workers work at the Lady Luck Casino on the Mississippi side
> the river. Helena Arkansas is a town in which poverty is the norm,
> especially among blacks. Some people have been ferrying workers
> across the river to work at the Lady Luck Casino. The alternative
> to drive 180 miles one-way vis Memphis or 240 miles one-way via
> Greenville to reach the Lady Luck which is about a mile across the
> river. The remaining ferry boat left long ago when the state
> to allow it to compete with the toll bridge. The toll bridge is
> free, but the ferry is long gone. The Coast Guard allegedly is
> sending at taxpayers expense a cutter to stop the unauthorized
> boats.
>         I want my income taxes back if this is the way they are
going to
> spend them.
>      "Keep It To Yourself"
>      "Fessor Mojo
>       Bill Donoghue

 actually the Coast Guard is stopping boat owners from recklessly
 endangering peoples lives. They are not stopping ferrying, just
 making sure that the boats are not overloaded and are equipped with
life jackets. They are also stopping price gouging - you have to
have  a Federal liscense to charge for ferrying.
As usual in situations like this there is a lot of misinformation
being put out by people that don't bother to check the facts. Hell
they might get in the way of a good triade.

In no way did the state or local gov't stop the ferry at Helena from
running in 1960 when the bridge was opened. The toll for the bridge
was $1 while the cost for crossing on the ferry was $5 per car, it
also took about 30 min's longer. Nature just took its course.
The man who owned the ferry was Charles Halbert , he also helped
Connway Twitty get his start in the music bidness and put up Robbie
Robertson for a while before Robbie joined the Hawks which later
became the Band. Ronnie Hawkins wanted Robbie to live in Helena for
awhile to soak up some music, Robbie mused about this time in his
life in the song "Somewhere Down that Crazy River".

excuse my length I'm still groggy from hours and hours of driving
 Jerry Pillow
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