Nantucket Clubs & Blues

Alora Paul apaul@WHOI.EDU
Fri Jul 18 15:31:17 EDT 1997

nantucket's a tough one. but since it's very centralized, they won't
have to cover a lot of ground to be where it's happening.  taxi's are
available of course. too bad they won't be there aug 19-24, when paul
rishell and annie raines are at the brotherhood of thieves.
i would suggest checking to see who is there, musi-cal doesn't show
anyone at that time, but i'm sure there's entertainment.
try also:
Jared Coffin House, (would be along the acoustic vein)
Cross Rip Coffeehouse (ditto)
The Muse, 508-228-6873, 21+
there's a couple of other places that have bands, but more in the rock
and roll vein...they can be a lot of fun, but they are not really family
places.  even nantucket has more than one proverbial dump.
as far as cape cod and the vineyard, i think meri, rick, and i have
covered this in the past couple weeks.  harry's in hyannis, might see
who's at the melody tent, hot tin roof on the vineyard, the wellfleet
beachcomber on the cape, swing/blues band every thursday at the Zuni on
the Cape...meri, what of our cultural and crazed wasteland am i missing?

aside: get this for "strange bill of the week":  father guido sarduci
(sp.?) and taj mahal together next thursday night at the old whaling
church in edgartown, martha's vineyard.  (the ads are pretty real
funny.) it is a great venue, tho.  just saw bruce cockburn there...max
350 people.  a real treat.

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