Larry Corbett playing first time up in Maine...

Fri Jul 18 12:56:56 EDT 1997

Larry, dude go for your guns, buddy!  If you want to be a performer, then
try to think like one. :-)  Everybody who plays out has suffered the pre-gig
anxiety thing (it's a "good" thing, like your fight-or-flight reflex) and
the vast majority of us get over it, learn to use it, or even look forward to
the butterflies.

Adrenaline can be your friend. :-)  But if you're feeling really unnerved,
before you hit the stage, knock back one stiff one (just ONE!) and then
relax for five minutes before you hit.  I don't wanna advocate drinking to
calm down, but one is therapeutic, isn't it? ;-)

Your blues-l friends are behind you in spirit. Break a leg!

Also an introvert (believe it or not)

Riffin Rick     ((((

Senior Research Assistant,
& Marine Facilities Manager
Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research

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