Pinetop Perkins

Fri Jul 18 11:55:01 EDT 1997

        The first time I interviewed Pinetop Perkins, we
        were in the dressing room at a club here in
        Minneapolis.  It was one of those nights when
        there were a million acts in town, and Junior
        Watson from Canned Heat happened to wonder through.
        Junior had his guitar with him, which Pinetop
        promptly spotted and snatched away.  With my
        tape player on record, Pinetop treated me to
        a short concert.  I was completely blown away;
        I had no idea he played guitar.  And I must say
        he played quite well.

        (who has a framed photo of Pinetop on her desk at work!)

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Subject: Pinetop Perkins
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Date:    7/18/97 11:12 AM

"1929, boy, I was a bad stud on the guitar, man.  I had a little old
guitar, called it a Stella.  It was a Stella make.  Every time I get by a
piano they drown me out.  I said Shhhh....  I'll tell you a thing or two.
I'm gonna learn to play one of these suckers too.  I went to work on it."

That's how "Pinetop Perkins; Portrait of a Delta Bluesman" starts out.

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