Proper Slide Technique

ruth Vadi ruth_vadi@HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Jul 18 11:54:27 EDT 1997

>Bonnie Raitt plays with the slide on her middle finger also, and she's
>slouch.  I believe that what determines the "proper technique" for
>"bottleneck" style slide guitar is decided entirely by the music that
>out of the guitar when you are doing it.... HOWEVER you are doing it.
>the music sounds good, you MUST be doin' it right.
>Personally, I've purchased countless different types of slides, and
>tried them on every finger I own, without once sounding like I knew
what I
>was doing ;^)
Nope, Bonnie Raitt is certainly no slouch and neither is Joe!
Seriously, I got tendinitis from wearing a heavy slide on my pinky and
that's when I started using it on my ring finger.  Bonnie Raitt has
small, slender fingers like me and whenever Ive seen her she uses a big
porcelain slide too.  Probably she had the same problem I did. Joe, on
the other hand, has HUGE fingers so he probably just finds it more
comfortable or easier to control on his middle finger because he plays
slide in standard tuning.

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