Small victories

Dave Melton slydemann@EARTHLINK.NET
Fri Jul 18 11:19:10 EDT 1997

Denny Freeman told me a very similar tale about seeing Snooks Eaglin
live, and I hope some day he comes to L.A. If not I hope to get down
south and see him play.

Dave Melton

Geir Oien wrote:

> Any of you guitarists out there ever seen SNOOKS EAGLIN live? During
> the one stunning 3-hour show I saw i N.O. in July 1995, it seemed to
> me he was only using his thumb and one, maybe two other fingers to
> bring out all these incredible sounds. The guy sounds like two
> rhythm guitarists, one solo guitarist and a couple of effect boxes
> all at once - and still not a technical show-off in sight, only tons
> of feeling, natural exuberance, originality, unpredictability,
> soulfulness, and groove. Definitely the greatest guitar playing I've
> ever witnessed - and a superb singer, too, as well as master of probably
> the widest and most eclectic reportoire in modern blues/r&b (there's
> blues, second-line rhythms, jazz, r&b, funk, soul, swamp pop, country,
> and rock'n'roll in there)! Why isn't this man more known? Even Clapton
> called him his favorite "unknown" guitarist in the world in a interview
> a couple of years back! Pick up "Out of nowhere" or "Soul's Edge" on
> Black Top prepare to be stunned - then go see him live if you can and
> realize his records can only give a hint of his greatness.
> Cheers, Geir (non-guitarist).

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