Pinetop Perkins

P.W. Fenton pwfenton@GATE.NET
Fri Jul 18 11:12:59 EDT 1997

"1929, boy, I was a bad stud on the guitar, man.  I had a little old
guitar, called it a Stella.  It was a Stella make.  Every time I get by a
piano they drown me out.  I said Shhhh....  I'll tell you a thing or two.
I'm gonna learn to play one of these suckers too.  I went to work on it."

That's how "Pinetop Perkins; Portrait of a Delta Bluesman" starts out.

This CD on the Omega label came out in 1993 and I imagine some Zellers are
familiar with it, but I feel it's worth mentioning again for the benefit of
anyone who hasn't heard it.  Recorded direct to digital, it features
Pinetop telling stories about his life in the Blues, interspersed between
solo performances of songs he's chosen to illustrate the journey.

I just happened to pull it off the shelf this morning and felt that it's so
good I just had to recommend it to Blues-Lers that might not be aware of it.

("Pinetop Perkins; Portrait of a Delta Bluesman" Omega OCD 3017)

P.W. Fenton
Tampa, Florida

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