Jimmy Yancey, and Mama Yancey too

Oded Maron oded@AI.MIT.EDU
Fri Jul 18 10:41:44 EDT 1997

I've really been getting into Jimmy Yancey lately.  I have the
Atlantic CD and the second Document volume, but in the latest Roots &
Rhythm I see that Masters of Jazz is putting out his complete
recordings, with the 1939 sessions available so far.  Anybody know
about this reissue and how it compares with the Document (at least
sound wise)?

Also, has anybody heard the Mama Yancey CD that came out a couple of
years ago?  I like her voice, but she looks really, well, decrepit on
the cover, so I'm not sure how good this will be.  Any recommendations
for other Yancey-like artists would be appreciated as well.

Looking forward to the Poconos,


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