Leaving for the Belgium R&Bfest

marc borms marc@sc1000.az.vub.ac.be
Fri Jul 18 10:38:29 EDT 1997


Just for telling u all, I am preparing myself, heading for the
Belgium Rhythm and Blues festival.
I hope i meet Jos Potting and Jean=Pierre Urbain over there,
Jos, don't worry about the heat, it/s raining and it'll keep on
raining... so don't be afraid i'll leave my t-shirt in my bag
because it'll be to hot.

Within a few days you'll be able to enjoy some pics of
        - me, trying to install my little tent on the camping in the
                pourin' rain
        - me, drowning on the festival grounds
        - me, enjoying a killer line-up !
        - me, drinkin' some (ahum, ahum) beers with Jean-Pierre and Jos
        - a lot of nice acts on the BRBF stage

I'll keep you informed !


          "Blues speaks to me directly.
           It wasn't a choice,
           I was drawn to it naturally,
           sort of like a sheepdog with sheep."
           - Ann Rabson, Lady of the Blues -

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