Blues or Rock -- HO's (humble opinions)

ruth Vadi ruth_vadi@HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Jul 18 10:28:15 EDT 1997

>In our For What It's Worth department,
>In one of the summer, or fall issues in 1988 of Guitar Player mag.,
>did a feature article on Jimi and labeled him the "....greatest blues
>guitarist of all time."
>Now where did my "fine line" was here a minute ago?
In a radio interview about two years ago, Charlie Sayles (one of the
best blues harp players alive IMHO and a dear friend) was asked how he
got into blues.  Charlie said the first "real" blues he heard was BB
King but when he got back from Viet Nam he observed that "the Stones is
blues.  Dylan is blues."  I am not saying I agree or disagree with
Charlie, just quoting him.

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