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T. Roy Matthews tbone01@EARTHLINK.NET
Fri Jul 18 10:19:48 EDT 1997

At 13:38 18/07/97 -0400, Lea A. Gilmore wrote:
>Someone just told me about a new genre of music labeled as "Americana" and
>how it has become "very popular" on the festival circuit.  It is supposedly a
>mixture of blues, country and folk.  Does anyone know about this?  Sounds
>Lea Gilmore
>Baltimore, MD


This sounds like some of the bands whom I have worked with in the past.
Recently, I've layed down some accordion, harp and dobro tracks for an
artist out here in SoCal who's really making a name for himself named
"Jimmy Camp and the Airstream Deacons". I believe this music is performed
mostly in the acoustic vein. It is just as you describe it "mixture of
blues, country and folk" with some Tex-Mex/Cajun/Bluegrass thrown in for
good measure. We've always referred to it as American Roots Music.

An artist to really get this genre to take off is a guy named Steve Earle
from Texas. He was a roots rocker who decided to make an all-acoustic
record of this type. He hired some great bluegrass pickers (Peter
Rowan-guitar, Norman Blake-mandolin/dobro/guitar, Roy Husky,Jr-upright
bass, Emmylou Harris-vocals) and took the show on the road, playing
bluegrass, folk, country and roots-rock festivals and venues.

This music has really caught fire in some underground circles out here. And
many have put a bluesey edge on it, like Jimmy Camp. I played on a remake
of a Mance Lipscomb tune and a Mississippi John Hurt tune.

Another band you may want to check out in this vein is the V-Roys on Steve
Earle's "E-Squared" label.

I would recommend you check out these sites for more info:


The NASH! e-magazine web site. It features the best in American roots music
with artist interviews, CD reviews, more than 200 roots-related links,
NASH! back issues, and more.


Similar to above.


Features an Americana page and other resources.

Hope this helps,


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