marcia ball

David J. Jones djj2@CORNELL.EDU
Fri Jul 18 10:18:56 EDT 1997

 Maria Wegscheid <mwegsche@LIBBY.RBLS.LIB.IL.US> wrote:
>>Subject:      marcia ball
>  What a voice!  I've been trying to find the words to describe her
>>voice and have failed miserably.
  TEXAS HONKY-TONK is how I've heard her whole style described. And that
says alot!  Big state... big Voice...unmisstakable.  Marcia Ball will be at
the NY state Bluesfest in Syracuse this Sunday.  I can't wait.
>>The week after I saw her I was at the Mississippi Valley Blues Festival
>>and made a point of catching Tracy Nelson (Marcia had mentioned that they
>>cut an album together).  Very enjoyable.  A lovely, strong voice that can
>>be a little raw when she want it to.  I'm really looking forward to
>>hearing that recording.
    John Cain <> said that this Blues Divas album is due
out in Jan. of '98.  It will feature Marcia Ball, Tracy Nelson, and Irma Thomas.
 I personnally am "chomping at the bit" to buy it.


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