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Peter Gallagher
Fri Jul 18 09:11:54 EDT 1997

Mark Halverson <> writes:

>At 13:42 14.07.97 -0400, you wrote:
>>>          Budweiser has this promotion going on right now. if you save
>>>          up enough points by drinking bud, you can get a cd for free.
>>Too bad someone like Sam Adams or Wild Goose isn't doing something like
>>that! I'm sure I would get my free cd fairly quick!  :-)

>Here Here!!  My thoughts exactly.  The offer poses a great challenge even
>for devoted beer drinkers (with taste) such as myself.

Dear Mr. Arthur Guinness ..... ;->

Hey ! Are we back on the old thread of "what does a _real_ blues-lover
drink?" from 94... '95?
(get the hint! We done _been_ there! )

Omygawd! Please no! Not the dreaded-thread-from-hell!


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