Blues or Rock Which is it?

Poul K. Faarup
Fri Jul 18 04:55:02 EDT 1997

According to the discussion and various comments like Mike's
its obvious that there is no solution to it.
I think, most musicians like different types of music - just like
non-musicians! And likes to "fiddle around".
A few is pure. Robert Johnson, Son House, Albert King (was he??),
etc. but most are not. Ever listen to the BB Kings album he at the
cover notes describes "is the best album he has ever recorded" -
called "There is always another..." (can't recall - help me Blues
zellers!!!). This is certainly not blues - more like relaxed west
coast rock with a bluesy feeling. And its from the "the King of
So as I mentioned in an earlier mail, don't we all have difficulties
in defining - in word - the definition of Blues.

OK, I feel I'm talking in circles (?) so I'll try (and its only a

Blues is...
music based on or with an offspring in a 12 bar go-around (don't know
English term)
music with a strong emotional feeling - and lyrics.
music held in major (minor can occur)
music where the guitar, accustic or electric, is the dominant
very easy reconizable and distinct from rock, jazz etc.
music based on a "sad" feeling connected to lovelife (the Blues) -
sometimes also a "sad life" (pickin' cotton, working at the essembly
line etc.)
music where the focus is on the communication of a feeling
 as oppersite to rock, where the
focus is the rhytm/the beat (and thats the difference between Robert
Johnson doing Crossroads and Cream doing it) - and jazz where the
focus in on the tonal beaty or complexety (right???)

Well this is not fullfilling, I know
And you folks out there (Kenny etc.) who've played blues for the last
couple of decades, please don't kill me for trying.
But maybe it's the start or initiator for our own little checklist of
definition of the blues

Grey cat

Poul K. Faarup

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