Thanks from Roesch Records

Gil T. Wilson
Thu Jul 17 19:56:44 EDT 1997

sounds like it would be good.  i wonder why roesch doesn't service me.
oh, well, just thinking out loud.
sorry to waste bandwidth.
btw,  who all is going to the Kansas City Blues & Jazz Festival?
look me up let me know
Gil T.

Dave Carpenter <103156.340@CompuServe.COM> wrote in article
> Hey dj's,
> Joe Roesch of Roesch Records asked me to pass along his thanks to all of
> dj's here on the L who have supported Eddie King's "Another Cow's Dead."
> been faxing some of the playlists and monthly Top XX lists to him. Joe
tells me
> that "Another Cow's Dead" was #7 on Living Blues' June chart and #2 on
the July
> chart. In additon, Real Blues' June/July issue lists it as #1 on its Top
> Blues/Soul/Zydeco releases of the last 12 months listing. Don't know what
> basis is for this listing. Joe has secured a distribution deal for Roesch
> Records in Japan, so Eddie, Matt Murphy, and Jesse Austin will soon be
> there on Roesch.
> Dave Carpenter - WHUS-FM

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