I'm doing my first Prime time gig tonight!

Larry Corbett larryc@ursus3.ursus.maine.edu
Thu Jul 17 17:25:53 EDT 1997

Well I've bit the bullet and agreed to fill in for a cancelled band or whom
ever was schedlued  for tonight. I've actually played at this micro brew pub
a few times in the last few months..twice on Sunday afternoon and once for a
private party..this will be my very first live action prime time appearance.
I've been trying to decide if this is what I want to do with my versions of
acoustic blues, that is I have not yet decided completely if I actually want
to be a performer. SO far the anxiety levels still zap alot of the fun out of
it...I am not an outgoing personality..I don't tell alot of jokes..what I try
to ddo is play the best I can...becasue the bottom line is that the music is
more important to me than being a performer...don't get me wrong..I really
like it when folks apprecaite and enjoy what I do..(I don't take praise very
well either) But I do love acoustic blues and I'm taking a chance and praying
like  crazy that I'll find a room full of other blues lovers out there
tonight..  Hey thanks for listening.......

Larry Corbett

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