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On Thu, 17 Jul 1997 09:09:41 -0400 Alora Paul <apaul@WHOI.EDU> writes:
>one thing i'm acutely more aware and protective of, both as a singer and
>otherwise, is my hearing...i always wear earplugs when riding
>motorcycles, TRY to refrain from burying the needle on the home and car
>stereos, and although i don't always remember, i try to wear earplugs at
>exceedingly loud concerts...well, at least i bring 'em along...that's a

Another area that can cause hearing damage is driving a lot with the
windows down.  The air rushing past that left ear (if you're the driver)
can cause serious hearing damage.  You won't notice it until it's too
late to fix.

Noise causes hearing damage not only according to volume (sound pressure
level, or SPL) but also according to time of exposure.  A night of
moderate SPL can be just as damaging as a few minutes of painfully loud

It seems that, the more they study it, the lower the harmful levels are
adjusted to.  A recent study lowered the permissible maximum safe levels
and times.

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