Hattie and Minnie

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Bonnie Kalmbach <KALMBACH@macc.wisc.edu> wrote:
>Does anyone know about how many recordings Hattie Hart and Minnie
>Wallace made? I have one LP with about four tunes by each, as well
>as their jug band recordings. Has Document done any compilations
>of their work?
>Thanks, Bonnie

   Also recorded with Memphis Jug Band

24 Sep 1929
Won't you be kind to me?    Wolf WBCD-004, Yazoo 2008
You wouldn't, would you, papa?   Wolf WBCD-004

13 Sept 1934
I'm missing that thing      Document DOCD-5159
I let my daddy do that      Document DOCD-5159, Yazoo 2008 [CD]
Coldest stuff in town       Document DOCD-5159, Memphis Archives MA 7001 [CD]

17 Sep 1934
Happy-go-lucky blues        Document DOCD-5159


23 Sep 1929
Dirty butter                Document DOCD-5022
The old folks started it (-1)    Document DOCD-5022
The old folks started it (-2)    Wolf WBCD-004
  Either take of "The old ..." on Yazoo 2016 [CD].

12 Oct 1935
The cockeyed world          RST BDCD-6028
Field mouse stomp           RST BDCD-6028
Let's all do that thing     RST BDCD-6028

14 Oct 1935
Pick 'em up and put 'em down  RST BDCD-6028

CD titles:
Document DOCD-5022 Memphis Jug Band: Vol. 2
Document DOCD-5159 Memphis blues
RST BDCD-6028 Memphis harp & jug blowers
Wolf WBCD-004 Memphis Jug Band: Associates & alternate takes

Görgen Antonsson

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