Info. on DINAH WASHINGTON needed...

Gvrgen Antonsson
Thu Jul 17 16:43:15 EDT 1997

"Lea A. Gilmore" <> wrote:
>Hi there,
>I am convinced that someone on this list knows something about everything,
>1. Has there been a book written about Dinah Washington? (Biographical in

Haskins, Jim: Queen of the blues : the story of Dinah Washington. - New York : W.
Morrow, 1987. - ISBN 0-688-04846-3

Also a few pages in another book which might be worth the while.
Shaw, Arnold: Gospel song, and Dinah Washington. // In: Shaw, Arnold: Honkers and
shouters : the golden years of rhythm & blues. - New York : Collier, 1978. - P.

Görgen Antonsson

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