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Daniel Bruce dbruce@WESTPAC.COM.AU
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Don Cicchetti wrote:

> Hey, have any of you gotten the new Robert Cray disc?
> It sure has gotten some good reviews.   Should I buy it?
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Robert Cray! That sounds like were talking about Blues again! Shock
Horror!!! :-)  :-)  :-)

I have the new disk 'Sweet Potato Pie' which I actaully picked up second
hand and having listened to it a couple of times find it enjoyable. I
haven't listened to it enough to know where I put it in the pantheon of
great Robert Cray albums (a large group).

Taking into account that I haven't met a Robert Cray album I didn't
like, this may not be good enough for someone new to Robert to buy it
but should be for a fan.

BTW, I really like to design of the CD itself and the artwork in the CD
tray. The CD itself is a Sweet Potato Pie and the artwork below is of an
empty pie tray with a few crumbs left. Great use of the dying art of
album/Cd cover artwork.

BTW, have you noticed how much less there is to play with on a CD cover
than an album cover and how drastically that has affected the quality of
album cover artwork. Think about the graet covers on blue note records,
some of the old Chess stuff, Sgt Peppers, Electric Ladyland etc etc etc
and compare it to today where most covers just seem to be photos of the

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