In support of Kenny Blue Ray

Thom Middlestadt
Thu Jul 17 13:05:48 EDT 1997

"R. BANK$ & M. Martin" <> wrote:

>Well, after listening to the Kenny Blue Ray CD, "In All Of My Life", on
>JSP records, I must say that it was definately worth the wait!

>        Jimmy Morello (I know that name from somewhere, help me out...) also
>sings on three tracks as well. He's got a great voice too, very Darryl
>Neulish/Kim Wilson sounding. Jimmy sings thru a harp mike on "What's On
>Your Mind". It's cool, I dig him! He also drums on "Blues for the
>ROBIN BANK$ & Mark Martin

Hi Robin

Jimmy Morrello does some great vocals on Pat Boyack and the Prowlers
cd "Breakin' In".  I just picked this one up the other day, and it was
my first listen to these guys.

Great cd ! Quite a variety of styles here, and my son (15) loved the
song "Shes The Devil". A great Howlin' Wolf tribute here.


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