Must be the Summer heat

Thu Jul 17 12:29:01 EDT 1997

Ivan T. wrote:

>As a CUSTOMER of the blues--I believe that I have my rights.

Since it is a bona fide art form, I consider myself to be a PATRON of the blues.

I'll let the below go without comment because I sincerely want to believe
that it is sarcasm and not some sort of sterilized fantasy.


A club designed to accomodate everybody and yet
>nobody gets in anybody else's hair.  This place should be large enough to
>hold 250 patrons.  The listening area should be divided by a floor to ceiling
>wall with totally separate ventilation systems.  Smokers on one side,
>nonsmokers on the other.  Booze on both sides handled from a hidden bar.  No
>emphasis on alcohol anywere(no ad's, neon lights et al).  Shows at 8 and 10
>with 90 minute sets.  Sunday afternoon performances.  $5 at the door,
>regardless of who's playing--Jam's on up.  Family nights apart of the regular
>schedule.  Close at midnight, a good sound system with Ironman Mike's sound
>level criteria.  Club located in a safe location.  Music menu varied to
>include all types of music with the emphasis on education along with
>entertainment.  On "Family" nights, bring the young 'uns.  Expose them early
>and then they will know the difference between muxic and noise(rap, seattle
>sludge).  Tobacco companies have worked this angle to the max--hook while
>they are young.  Friendly wait staff and visible management.  Excellent
>quarters for the artists and easy access for equipment movements.
>     A place like this is the only chance for live blues to thrive.  The
>young people is where its at and somehow, we need to get our message to these
>people.  Taking it to the schools is important but someplace where they can
>go with a parent is even better.
>    Gotta go--KC Blues and Jazz Fest is this weekend, the hottest weekend of
>the year(music and temperature).
>The blues is my daily bread

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