Delicate Hands

R. BANK$ & M. Martin rbanks@MAIL.WINCOM.NET
Thu Jul 17 12:04:52 EDT 1997

scott allman wrote:

>    You know I've tried to explain to my main squeeze why I haven't been
> doin' my quota of dishes lately.

Dishes. I hate doing them, my wonderful hubby usually does them...
except before a gig. It softens up his callouses and the strings will
slice thru them, not good. That's when I do them nasty dishes.

Also, this time of year, when it's hot and the sweat drips off his
fingers while playing, he tends to get cuts from his strings... painful,
and hard to play like that. Doin' too many Albert King bends I guess.
But it sounds so damn good!


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