As Blues-L Turns (defintely no blues content)

ruth Vadi ruth_vadi@HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Jul 17 12:02:46 EDT 1997

>Welcome to another episode of "As The Blues-L Turns".  Which asks the
>questions:  Will Ruth Vadi finally convince "the list" that Max, though
>mad, is magnificent?  Will she convince Max?  Stay tuned while she
>carefully paraphrases and explains each post regardless of it's
>Will she continue to profess her love for her detractors and critics.

Of course, now let me explain....
>Will Don Cicchetti quit his impressive high paying position at the
>University and agree to finance an instrumental Mad Max blues ukulele
>and become Max's agent?
>Will "Bob" get his money from "The Deadbeat" and still get to keep his
>Will we soon know the ages of all the list members and recognize the
will the female bluesellers finally admit their real ages?

>Will the health minded and/or vegetarian subscribers quit going to
>festivals and invest their vacation money in hog futures and start
>Will Ian Angus continue coming up with the great one liners?
>Will the good Delta Doctor ever get over the Moody Blues?
>Please, come back tomorrow for another session on "The Great Internet
>Chat Line'', where you can say"hi" to your pals, jive with your gals
>share your good humor with folks from all locales.
.... and maybe answer the burning questions:

* Will Jim Stafford form a band with Ray Stevens and Weird Al Yankovic?

* Who is the most flatulent member of blues-l?

* How close will Max and Ruth get to Texas before their 1973 motorhome
breaks down?

* will Wild Bill continue to pee in the sink?

(sorry I could not resist.  This made me laugh so hard I had to shut my
office door)

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