Must be the Summer heat

Ivan Pechanec
Thu Jul 17 11:00:07 EDT 1997

     Must be the heat---everybody's thinker is in neutral.  Here we have a
new zeller posing the big bullet question of all time--"what's the future of
the blues?" and the thread dies into a "how old am I" drivel.  Cheez--I
thought we were better than that.
     Lets talk some more about the future of the blues.  As a recent convert
to blues music(about 1990--classical is my other perference but I gotta have
my back beat),I've been bouncing around the local community looking for a
suitable location to take in live blues indoors.  I do no partake of
alcoholic drinks and smoke makes me physically ill.  There are six/seven
locations that feature the blues.  The smoke problem eliminates all clubs.
 I'm not interested in anybody's drinking habits.  All that's left is a
couple of resturants with listening areas the size of a postage stamp and
that old bug-a-boo--smoke.
     Here's what I would like to see.  As a CUSTOMER of the blues--I believe
that I have my rights.   A club designed to accomodate everybody and yet
nobody gets in anybody else's hair.  This place should be large enough to
hold 250 patrons.  The listening area should be divided by a floor to ceiling
wall with totally separate ventilation systems.  Smokers on one side,
nonsmokers on the other.  Booze on both sides handled from a hidden bar.  No
emphasis on alcohol anywere(no ad's, neon lights et al).  Shows at 8 and 10
with 90 minute sets.  Sunday afternoon performances.  $5 at the door,
regardless of who's playing--Jam's on up.  Family nights apart of the regular
schedule.  Close at midnight, a good sound system with Ironman Mike's sound
level criteria.  Club located in a safe location.  Music menu varied to
include all types of music with the emphasis on education along with
entertainment.  On "Family" nights, bring the young 'uns.  Expose them early
and then they will know the difference between muxic and noise(rap, seattle
sludge).  Tobacco companies have worked this angle to the max--hook while
they are young.  Friendly wait staff and visible management.  Excellent
quarters for the artists and easy access for equipment movements.
     A place like this is the only chance for live blues to thrive.  The
young people is where its at and somehow, we need to get our message to these
people.  Taking it to the schools is important but someplace where they can
go with a parent is even better.
    Gotta go--KC Blues and Jazz Fest is this weekend, the hottest weekend of
the year(music and temperature).

The blues is my daily bread

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