GEAR: The HighlanderPU

Leonard Watkins ISTS024@UABDPO.DPO.UAB.EDU
Thu Jul 17 09:46:14 EDT 1997

I finally decided (after numerous tests) to install a Highlander in my
National. The new ones have the pre-amp and the jack separate, which means
I could put the jack in one of the F-holes with no drilling. I called National
before I did it. I was not going to drill a hole in my Duolian.

The results: Very HOT PU. Course there is NO WAY to capture the National tone
with any PU anywhere on earth. It will be great to have a little more freedom
amd volume to cut through the noisy clubs (and harp players :-)). I plan on
using it in conjuction with a shure 57. Now I can place the mic farther away
so I will not hit it all the time. I am pleased with the sound, I didn't expect
to get the resonating tone, Its impossible with a PU, but it does sound good.


BTW: You should have seen my soundguy/friend/righthand man's eyes when he saw
the input jack on the front of the guitar. He didn't realize it was in one of
the existng 'holes' and he thought I drilled a hole right in the front :-)

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